You Make a Difference

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

1 Corinthians 12:27

Have you ever felt insignificant?  There are days when we can feel undervalued and invisible to those around us.  It is not unusual for us to begin asking big questions when we feel this way.  Why am I even here?  What is the purpose behind what I’m doing now?   These feelings can be felt, and these questions can be asked in various roles that we fill in our lives.  Parenting, working at our jobs, and the countless other responsibilities we bear all have the potential of giving us times when we feel inconsequential. 

Our consistent prayer is that the Church, The Body of Christ, is a place where no one feels insignificant.  In fact, we know from scripture that it is of paramount importance for all of us to recognize our critical role in fulfilling Christian ministry.  Together, all of us become stronger and accomplish so much more than we can ever achieve on our own.  This is a place of belonging.  A place described as “home” with a loving church family. 

No one is irrelevant here.  No job too small for appreciation.  No volunteer considered meager or meaningless. 

Thank you to everyone who is a part of this family.  Thank you for your heart for the church.  Thank you for your work and dedication to fulfilling the mission imparted on all of us.  Thank you for being the body of Christ.  Your participation in and acceptance of God’s call to ministry is appreciated deeply.  We love you all.

In Christ,

Pastor David

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