Take a moment to be mindful of our community.

Philippians 2: 4 “Let each of you look not only to his/her own interests/welfare,
but also to the interests/welfare of others.” (ESV)

Our church continuously gets information about opportunities to reach out, or be
out, in community more. And there are several people in our church family who
regularly express interest in knowing about such opportunities. It’s difficult to
keep everyone updated on everything! So to offer more awareness and
information, a “Community Outreach” board has been placed in the south
hallway of the church. It’s hung between Pastor David’s study and the secretary’s
In the top left corner of the board, you’ll see a short pun that says…Please Take a
“Mo-MINT”! I’m asking everyone to take time to frequently check out this board
and seriously consider becoming more outreach minded and involved. Look over
the opportunities, ask questions and pray to find out how God may have you
participate and grow in reaching out as you journey with Jesus.
I’m also inviting you to enjoy a mint from the basket with one stipulation! Please
don’t reach for the mints without taking the moment to sincerely check out
what’s on the board!
Pastor Tammy

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